Sophie Hayes is believed to be the first British female who was trafficked outside the UK. She was lured to Italy where she. 10 May Sophie has set up a foundation – The Sophie Hayes Foundation raise awareness of human trafficking and modern day slavery. As they have. 18 Oct Sophie Hayes, a British victim of human trafficking, who was forced into prostitution talks about her harrowing experience at the hands of her.

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Views Read Edit View history. Sadly there are many girls who like jerks who trafficked sophie hayes them like crap and beat them around a little and dominate them totally.

She had stayed with trafficked sophie hayes before and he was nice to her so why not do it again? She didn’t trust him right away. Set up in by Sophie, a British traffixked trafficked to Italy for sexual exploitation, The Sophie Hayes Foundation provides confidence and employability workshops, placements, training and education opportunities that helps survivors of trafficking rebuil d their lives.

This theme would continue to present itself throughout Sophie’s experience.

British woman trafficked by boyfriend – CNN Video

I trafficked sophie hayes for this girl and the horrible things she endured and I can’t tell her how to feel or what to do because I do not know what I would do in that position but at the trafficked sophie hayes time I just want to grab her shoulders and shake some sense into her!

That was total bullshit and my personal opinion is the best thing for Kas would have been a bullet right between the eyes.

Even the fact that she didn’t run when he made his intentions trafficked sophie hayes is perfectly understandable Not only afraid for oneself but also for our loved ones. I am the type of girl who would cry out for help in any situation like that. That trafficked sophie hayes to be her code words. Whether it was because of her horrible father, low self-esteem, or whatever reasons, she never seemed to grow or learn from the past.

Although she isn’t a writer, and therefore trafficked sophie hayes a touch unfair to criticize her writing, it is unfortun Short of it: The true story of a British girl forced into the sex trade. And without money, friends or family, she was trapped. I guess it’s impossible to know how anyone else would act faced with the situation Sophie was put in, and not at all was it one she deserved to be in. Thank you to our supporters and funders who make it possible for us to continue supporting survivors of trafficking every year.

Trafficked – My Story by Sophie Hayes

trafficked sophie hayes God Bless you, trafficked sophie hayes very clever husband Jayes step father, and all your children. But women need to be educated and made to feel secure that no matter what, they can turn to one authority which will help them. It’s hard for me to rate this book fairly because it’s not fiction, so I can’t call Sophie unsympathetic as a main character as I would in a fictional book, because Sophie is a real, and not simply a character, and as people we are a lot of people, fully 3D.

Part of me almost wishes that this book had been written several years in the trafficked sophie hayes. Hopefully with more sophoe, women will be more aware, and better prepared, and in case they do get involved in something like this, will know that help is at hand, if they need it.

Retrieved from ” trafficked sophie hayes From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If anyone did not deserve to traffickedd it was that SOB. I would be surprised too if I were her. Sophie does not just tell you what happened to her, but also why she was vulnerable and how Kas took advantage of this to control her.

The charity, which supports survivors of human trafficking by offering skills and confidence building as well as employability programmes, trafficked sophie hayes does research and awareness raising.

She was told that if she tried to run away, her siblings back in England would pay the price, and he knew where they lived. This book is about a young British woman, Sophie, who is lured trafficked sophie hayes Italy by a long-term friend named Kas and then kept against her will, beaten, and forced into prostitution on the streets in Haues.

I hope she continues to tell the world her story. People don’t leave the country in that much of a hurry unless something is really wrong. The reviewers that say “why didn’t she just leave?

Trafficked and sold as a sex slave – BBC News

This book is an eye opener. There sophhie a point in her story where you’d say, you would have been more careful or done this and that instead of what she did. It sopphie her a while to overcome what she went through. As trafficked sophie hayes mother, I pray that my children never have to suffer any sort of hardship like this. Trapped out of fear for your loved one’s lives, you bear through the torturous hell of servicing up to 20 men a day, in order to keep your family trafficked sophie hayes back home.

Traffickes he did get captured by the police. Sophie herself is working with www. I join Sibel Hodge to “applaud Sophie for having the strength and courage to share her story”.

Thank you Source books for the review copy. I’m truly sorry this happens in our world. Find out more about our Day 46 Programme. He said he loved her. I thought this book was very poorly written and Sophie’s actions frustrated me at times.