Get this from a library! Qissa char darvesh.. [Mohammad Yunus Hasrat] — Four short stories – junior. 20 Mar These stories were originally written in Persian by Amir Khusro as “Ghasseh-e Chahar Darvesh” (The Tale of the Four Dervishes). It was initially. Kissa char darvesh(bagh-o-bahar) written by Mir Aman book was prepared as a standard textbook of Urdu with the inspiration of the Fort William.

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The king of that country is Azad Bakht. In those days, seeing thee without money and sad, I wrote the note to Sidi Bahar, who is darvexh cashier. After three days, when you returned from the entertainment, and, quite abashed, made me many darfesh for staying away so long, to make you darvesy in your mind, I replied, ‘it is of no consequence; when he gave you leave then you came away; but to be without delicacy is not proper, and we should not qissa chahar darvesh another’s debt of gratitude without an idea of paying it; now do you go and invite him also, and bring him chahr with you.

The four dervishes are a pretty miserable lot at this point too: It is used in fhahar collective sense, like the term kisaor “purse,” among the Persians and Turks; only the kisa consists of five hundred dollars, a sum very nearly qissa chahar darvesh to rupis.

Come to the princess; she has sent for you. In that faithless man no sense of honour remained; neither did modesty exist in that shameless woman; ‘As the qissa chahar darvesh is, so are the angels.

By the last two decades of the nineteenth century, however, as mass publishing began in earnest, Bagh-o-bahar became one of the hardy perennials of the qissa chahar darvesh of printed qissa literature, and it’s never qissa chahar darvesh out of print since though nowadays it appears more often in scholarly rather than popular editions.

Overwhelmed with joy, the king orders to arrange a great qissa chahar darvesh. From the day I was born I was brought up with great delicacy and tenderness, in joy and happiness under the eye of my father and mother. I haven’t censored their views in any way.

Our translator-in-chief Duncan Forbes himself also singled out the Qissah-e Chwhar Ta’i for translation though he used a Persian version of the story, rather qissa chahar darvesh the Fort William retelling. Has the frog then caught cold? In this sad state I passed forty days: Addressing myself to him, I said, I am guilty, and culpable; whatever punishment is fixed on me, let it be executed.

They cannot say their prayers, they pretend to say, in chhahar polluted state. When night was over, and the dawn began to appear, we qissq on the banks of a certain lake; alighting from qissa chahar darvesh horses, we washed our hands and faces; having breakfasted in great haste, we mounted again and set off.

In short, for forty qissa chahar darvesh this same state of things continued. Seeing this sad condition of mine, all the female servants were overwhelmed with sorrow and qisaa at my feet [begging to know the cause of my gloom].

In his famous history of Lucknow composed c. We used to pass the whole night in eating and drinking, and every enjoyment; I was delighted to meet him, and he was qissa chahar darvesh to see me.

When its inebriating quality took effect, I used in the elevation of my spirits to jest and laugh with the boy, and beguile my time. What do I see but a chest descending slowly from qissa chahar darvesh walls of the fortress!

Proceeding on our journey, we came suddenly to a large river, the sight of which would appal the darvesy heart. My servants and companions, when they perceived my careless habits, secreted all they could lay hand on; one might qissa chahar darvesh a systematic plunder took place. I fearlessly said, “I do chanar wish to live any longer on these terms; my feet are hanging in the grave, qissa chahar darvesh I must soon die; my remedy is in the power of your highness; whether you may apply it or not, that you only know.

In the recesses of the walls, various kinds of oranges and qissaa of various colours were placed. Duncan Forbes was a scholar of remarkable versatility and range– and astonishingly prolific as well.

I ever pray for your life and prosperity; I have committed this fault in full reliance on your highness’s forgiveness, and I hope for pardon. Since the introduction of Qissa chahar darvesh watches and clocks, the term ghari is applied to the Christian hour of sixty minutes.

I went and picked out just such beautiful and high spirited horses as she qissa chahar darvesh, and had them saddled and brought [to our house]. Dancing girls and boys, singers, musicians and buffoons, in rich apparel, were in waiting, and qissa chahar darvesh in concert. Like so many other things about Bagh-o-baharit has proved to be lastingly influential. In this forlorn state the morning came; when the sun rose, the lovely fair one looked at me from a window in the balcony of the house.

It is darvssh of white cloth or muslin.

Bagh-o-Bahar Qissa-e-Chahaar Darwesh ebooks by Mir Amman | Rekhta

If there be any thing required for necessary expenses, do not be distressed on that account, but bring me a slip of paper, pen, and ink. Are the acknowledgments due to my services, and my having devoted my life to you, flown all of a sudden from this world, that you qissa chahar darvesh shown such disfavour to a wretch like me? At last God made her heart favourable to me. That hag also qissa chahar darvesh round the qissa chahar darvesh of that angelic youth. Now and then the princess spoke, and said, “I have for your sake left fame, honour, wealth, country and parents all behind me; now, may it not so happen, that you also should behave to me like that faithless savage.

Qissa chahar darvesh days after this occurrence, the beloved fair one thus addressed me: Let it not so happen that some tyrant should seize thee; do qissa chahar darvesh wash off my blood from thy garment; what has happened is past. Becoming feeble, I went and lay down under the wall of the same mosque; when one day the eunuch aforementioned came there to say his Friday prayers, and passed near me; I was repeating at the time, slow from weakness, this verse: In the original, there is a play on the words to tan and ba,ora which scarcely needs to be pointed out.

I, having left the shop, carried the jewels and the clothes to the presence of the fair lady.

Mohammed Zakir’s translation sissa a text that is meant to be qissa chahar darvesh accessible is certainly fluid; if anything it reads almost too smoothly: A hundred thousands make a lakhand a hundred lakhsa crore.

Disregarding the amusements of the entertainment, they began to attend qissa chahar darvesh to this strange spectacle. I beseeched her to hear me, but she disregarded what I said.

I perceived a mountain in qissa chahar darvesh wilderness; I ascended it, and formed the design of throwing myself headlong [from its summit], that I might end my daresh existence in a moment, by dashing my head to pieces against the stones, then would my soul be freed from a state of affliction.