Name: Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (PO No. 10 of ). Country: Pakistan. Subject(s): Civil, commercial and family law. Type of legislation: Regulation. Read, Name, Section, Definition, Cases. Read, Qanun-e-Shahadat Order , 1 , Short title, extent and commencement, Cases · Read, Qanun-e-Shahadat. THE. QANUN‑E‑SHAHADAT ORDER, (X OF ). [28th October, ). CHAPTER V. OF DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE. Cases in which secondary.

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Evidences acquired are used against accused. Before Police Officer where is recovery.

In the absence of the doctor who has made qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 report, such record can be produced in court to prove the facts in lieu of person who made it. Such persons would not be presumed to have special means of knowledge as to the relationship of parties concerned.

Appeal to Supreme Court.

Production of secondary evidence. A may prove a statement by B that the deed is genuine, and B may prove a statement by A that the deed is forged; but A cannot qamun-e-shahadat a statement by himself that the deed is genuine, nor can B prove qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 statement by himself that the deed is forged.

Qanun-e-Shahadat Order , 1984.

Opinion of a person expressed by conduct. Fact may either require its proof and disproof. Evidence produced by vendees orxer such question did not inspire confidence. The object of a notice is to qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 the adverse party qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 opportunity by producing the original to secure, if he pleases, the best evidence of its contents, and if he does not, to enable the party serving notice to give secondary evidence.

If the adverse party or his agent admits the loss of the original document, notice to produce the document to the adverse party is nugatory worthless.

When the qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 is contained in any deed, will or other document which relates to any such transaction as is mentioned in Article 26, paragraph a.

This evidence is admissible only in case where person injured has been died after getting record of his statement. Where rights are created in favour of others like grazing rights or fishery rights etc. Where court is in doubt qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 the signature may order such person to put his signature before court and court may compare itself the signature.

Saving of provisions of Succession Act relating to wills. Motive, preparation and previous ordsr subsequent conduct. Neither in lower Appellate Court nor in grounds of revision objection about improper admission of opinion of finger-print qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 in evidence was taken. Expert opinion on a foreign law is also a relevant fact and qanun-e-shahadat order 1984, an expert can also be examined.

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Admission not conclusive proof but may estop: Privileges are provided either on the ground of natural love and affection or to evade from false evidence thus no prosecution or litigation may take place on the ground of facts revealed from the evidence, which is privileged. The confessing accused must be tried jointly with the accused against whom the confession is sought to be used. It was held that in circumstances of case, depositions qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 witnesses brought on record of Sessions Court could not be treated as evidence.

Normally informers are not disclosed as sources of information but they can be called as witnesses where qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 is waived off. Where court qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 certified copy of Will, it can be produced as relevant fact in other cases.

Document is beyond oeder Circumstantial evidence can support case as much as direct evidence lrder it is substantial. Rebutting contents of document by qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 evidence Where there was allegation of fraud, contents of document be rebutted by oral evidence. Objection to mode of proof.

The Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (10 of )

The fact that A had accepted other bills drawn in the same manner before they could have been transmitted to him by the payee if the payee had been a real person, is relevant as showing that A knew tht the payee was a fictitious person.

Upon the order of superior court, Judges or Magistrates must have to depose giving statement such improper evidence, which they had admitted. Order of examination as prescribed in Arts. We can generally trust a witness who states something, which he himself has either qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 or qanun-e-shahadqt but when he tells us something, which he has heard from another person, his qanun-e-syahadat is qanun-e-shahadat order 1984 less reliable thus unsatisfactory.

By the person who wrote or signed the 1948 in question.