Excuse me if my question is too specific. I’m trying to get an LED driver using PT work. I’ve spent hours but no success. I’ve created exactly. The PT needs to be turned round degrees with that part layout. But in truth the whole layout needs redone. More like this. Description. LEDs need constant current, for example normal LED has mA constant current, but V varying voltage, this board do this kind of work.

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I changed the coil pt4115 68uH. I’ve checked all parts a hundred times.

PT Datasheet – 30V, A Step-down LED Driver – PowTech

Is the LED heatsinked? Also, did the sparks occur during open circuit operation, or when pt4115 LED was connected? I checked every pin of the IC and didn’t find any short or something wrong. But in truth the whole layout needs redone. To me it looks like there’s flux between the pins, and there’s current flowing through the flux.

Dec 15, 43 0. Pt4115 by spinnaker in forum: So its full of pt4115. I’ve spent hours pt4115 no success. The chip pt4115 be ok, because I bought it in two different shops. It is very strange and confused me. Sign up using Facebook. Could be bad chips.

It’s designed pt4115 drive an LED. Pt4115 that cleaning the area around the chip fixed the sparking, it seems to have been correct.

PT4115 Led diver

Last chance;] I’m just hoping, the problem pf4115 a DC supply. The inductor is also a long pt4115 from the chip and Vin also crosses v-out This site uses cookies to deliver pt4115 services and to show you relevant pt4115 and job listings.

Gives You both the time pt4115 make secure meassurements and the ease to identify where the problem really is. It should help us to concerntrate to this problem.

Are you familiar with the toner transfer method? Ill take a pic tomorrow. Sign pt4115 using Email and Password.

Pad isnt soldered well? Pt4115, my pt4115 is: Below is the schematic and the PCB board: It showed about mA.

The PT needs to be turned round degrees with that part layout. I pt4115 some suspects, but I wanna see how you made it. Try pt4115 clean it very well. Sign up using Email and Password. PT Led diver Reply to Thread.

Do you already have an account? Why pt4115 you using a resistor as the load? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge pt4115 pt41115 pt4115 read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and pt4115 policyand that your continued use of the pt1415 is subject to these policies.