Passer Angelfish. Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Passer Angelfish (Holacanthus passer) Item: CN- . Latin name, Holacanthus passer – Valenciennes, Common name, King angelfish. Family, Pomacanthidae – Holacanthus. Origin, East Pacific, Central/ West. Fish guide for Passer Angelfish, Holacanthus passer, King Angelfish facts, information, description and pictures, Passer Angelfish care, diet and compatibility.

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Abundance is calculated as the average number of individuals recorded per RLS transect, where present.

Metronidazole is an antibiotic for anaerobic bacteria with anti-protozoal properties. Feed the medicated food to the fish 3 times a day for at least a week or until symptoms are gone. They are known to chase more reticent fish and will sometimes nibble at the fins of, for example: At one time or another this genus contained over 60 of the ;asser 86 marine angelfish species.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Holacanthus passer Sexually mature king angelfish Conservation status. Many species are not reef safe, as they especially target the soft corals and LPS. Juveniles eat more algae than pwsser, thus foods while juveniles should have a greater content of algae and other vegetables.

The rocky-shore fishes of the Gulf of California. Oasser treatment can be used in a reef aquarium since the medication is bound to the food, which even if the corals eat, will not hurt them. During a spawning cycle a pair can produce upwards of ten million fertilized eggsaveraging about 25,—75, daily.

All I can say is that maybe this fish is exactly like it says, moderately hardy. Of the other 7 species, 3 are found in the tropical east Pacific Ocean and 4 are found in the tropical west Atlantic. Add Your Animal Story. They are not reef-safe, but some of this species can, with a little care, be kept in a coral aquarium.

Juveniles also have multiple vertical bright blue bars behind the white bar, and the 2 that are on either side a brownish eye bar.

Human uses

As aquarium fish Minimum volume psaser gal Hardiness Hardy Suitable for aquarium Suitable with care Reef safe Not reef safe Aggressiveness Aggressive towards other species. Offer 2 to 3 feedings a day with only an amount that can be consumed in about 5 minutes. It is however possible to build up a mixed coral aquarium with Angelfish.

King Angelfish – Quick Aquarium Care. Monogamous mating is observed as both facultative and social Ref. Larger crustaceans Shrimp, crabs Good water quality is a must with a pH of at least 8. Native range All suitable habitat Point map Year Food Maybee Holaacanthus Cyclops, pods The University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Holacanthus passer. Providing an angelfish with clean water, a proper hooacanthus with places to hide, and regular feeding is the best way to prevent illness. The adults have a few color variations. Using testing equipment is suggested to tell you when to do a water change. Species requiring more than a liter tank are considered not suitable for home aquarium.

Hermaphroditic This holadanthus can change gender from female to male.

King Angelfish

Males are larger than females and have white pelvic fines,while the females have yellow pelvic fins. Juveniles are typically solitary and very territorial. Especially the smaller ones are very quarrelsome.

It’s best to do water changes to help the fish’s natural immune system kick in. Reef safe with holacantjus This angelfish is moderate in care, just a little harder to care for than the Queen Angelfish, and is well suited for a beginner. Enter a Saltwater Aquarium.

Views Read Edit View history. If they are introduced when young, a lucky aquarist may be able to keep two angels in one appropriately size aquarium, but such experiences tend to be the exception, not holaxanthus norm.