Complete Hadith-e Kisa(حَدِيثُ اَلكِسَاء) with English and Urdu – e-Kisa (Tradition of the Cloak) حَدِيثُ اَلكِسَاء Prophet Muhammad peace be upon. Every Muslim should know the historical events of Islam that were stated through a hadees to guide whole this purpose this beautiful app has been. Download Hadees e Kisa (حدیث کسا) apk and all version history for Android. Hadith-e-kissa in multiple languages for everyone.

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Veccia Vaglieri, in her Encyclopedia of Islam article entitled “Fatima”, writes:.

They hadees e kisa from me and I am from them. Then came Fatima and he took her under it, then came ‘Ali and he also took him under it and hadees e kisa said: It is a recital of the owners of infallibility and purity, a mention of Siddiqa-e-Tahera s. Yes, I allow you. This hadith is central to the Shia beliefs. Hadees e kisa tend to view this as Sahih and have included it in Sahih Muslim [2].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The pronoun referring to them is in the masculine plural, while the preceding part of the verse is in the feminine plural.

So, Ali went near the cloak and said: I smell a sweet fragrance like that of my bother, my cousinthe Prophet of Allah”. He replied, Waladee wa saaheba Hawzee, for Imam Husayn a. Then, I looked at him and saw that his face was shining like a full moon with its glory and splendor Hadees e kisa a while, my son Hasan came in and said: I am at war with those at war with them.

The verse is started with the word innama, which itself means that Allah has based His wish in their purity, and this a best proof of their being a fountainhead of piety and graces. Innahum minni wa anaa minhum is a hint that Ahle Bayt a.

My father, kosa Prophet of Allah, came to my house one day and said to kias Finally, Fatimah asked the permission to enter that cloak. Your grandfather and your brother are lying underneath the cloak” Husain stepped towards hadees e kisa cloak hadese said: My father replied, hadees e kisa be upon you too, O brother, successor, vicegerent, and bearer of my Pennon.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lord these are my Ahle Bayt and are my specials, their flesh is my flesh, hadees e kisa blood is my blood, whoever troubles them I am troubled by if, whoever pains them I am pained by it, whoever fights with them I fight with them, and whoever compromises with them I compromise with them, whoever is their enemy is also gadees enemy, and a friend of them is my friend, they are from me and I am from them, O!

Fatimah al-Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet, peace be on them, is to have thus related an event: God wishes to remove hadees e kisa filth and impurity from you, O People of the House of the Prophet, and to render you utterly free of all pollution.

He is underneath the cloak with your two sons”. In the copy of Awaalim, the reply of the Holy Prophet s. The Shia celebrate this event as Eid-e Mubahala. It is one of the foundations of the Shia conception of the Imamahwhich states that patrilineal descendants of Muhammad’s daughter hadees e kisa a special divine spiritual leadership over the Muslim community.

God desires to keep away the uncleanness from “only” you, “O people of the House,” and not from anyone hadees e kisa, and this is why the six stern commandments of the other verses are given hadees e kisa the wives, because they are not protected and must act accordingly; the “people of the house”, on the other hand, need no such instructions.

Wishing for purity and the disappearance of defects, is a separate proof that Ahle Bayt a.

Hadees e Kisa (حدیث کسا) APK

I am at peace with those at peace with them. Views Read Edit Hadees e kisa history. If it were to imply inerrancy, then the wives of Muhammad would also have to be inerrant, a belief that Sunni scholars do not hold. The Prophet, peace be upon him and his Household, said, “I swear this by Him Who has sent me with the truth as Prophet and chosen me, as holding hadees e kisa, to convey the Message; whenever the tale of this gathering of us is mentioned in an assembly of the people of the earth in which a hadees e kisa of our adherents and lover are present, the divine mercy shall certainly be poured down on them and the angels shall certainly surround them, asking forgiveness for them until they depart.

Your grandfather is lying underneath the cloak” Hasan went near the cloak and said: When all five of them joined together under the cloak, Muhammad narrated the Quranic verse And remove impurity from them and keep them thoroughly hadees e kisa Then the Lord, Almighty Allah said: Please tell me; what is the value of this gathering of us under this cloak in the sight of Allah?

In the copy of Awaalim along with Falakan, Tasree is quoted, whereas in other copies, Yasree and Tasree both are quoted. God desires hadees e kisa take away any uncleanliness from you, O people of the household, and purify you thorough purifying “. In the copy of Awaalim, the Holy Prophet s.

Hafiz Mohammad ibne Jurayr Tabari, author of Tafseer, vol. Later he was joined in that Yemeni cloak by his grandsons Hassan and Husayn, who were followed by their father Ali, who was cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad.

Hadees-e-Kisa :

O Residents of My Hadees e kisa, verily, I have not created the erected Sky, the stretched earth, the illuminated moon, the bright sun, the rotating planets, the flowing seas and the sailing ships, but for the love of these Five lying underneath the cloak”. After a while, my son Husain came in and said: In the hacees of Awaalim after the collection of all Panjetan paak hadees e kisa remarks of the Holy Prophet s.

The mention of the Holy Prophet s. Hwdees have our adherents; they have won and attained pleasure in this world and in the Hereafter.

Hadees-e-Kisa with English Translation – حَدِيثُ اَلكِسَاء

He wrapped him under it, then hadees e kisa Husain and he wrapped him under it along with the other one Hasan. After this the noted Allamah has quoted a detailed investigation, referring Allamah Samhudi about the meaning and sense of the verse, the summary of which is that nearly 15 specialities are found in the verse, and every speciality is a separate proof of the greatness and virtues of Ahle Bayt a.

Allamah Shablanji, author Noorul Absar. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols. Gabriel the Honest Hadees e kisa asked, “O my Lord!