hi admin i have battery lenovo v, ibm x60 i read and reset ok but it is run about time charge and discharge it is lost current and volt. Aug 16, first, why you cant find info on the bqxxx (see last post) support/power_management/battery_management/f//t/ Dec 26, The battery in my Lenovo laptop were slowly losing part of it’s capacity. The remaining capacity was 69% (good score after 2,5 years) but I need.

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Viktor December 15, at 5: Not really sure what but it might be a full erase or some sort of reset or bq8030 might put bq8030 chip into the proprietary calibration?

Karosium: Hacking the bq with SANYO firmware

Jan 12, 3 2. If it’s bq8030 that then I have no clue. Then desoldered the wires running to the old battery pack and done! You have to do something with cells, making them to have the same voltage, better to replace with a new ones. Some TI controllers are like this while other controllers will only implement a sealed bq8030 for SBS compliance and a completely proprietary bootloader mode to modify flash memory content directly which may or bq8030 not also be entered in a similar way.

Viktor December 17, at 3: Important Lessons From Failed Tech Makers are natural risk takers, bq8030 here are a few ways to minimize the chance of failure as taught by past tech disasters. All content and materials on this site are provided “as is”. Hopefully Bq8030 projects will let bq8030 post an update, don’t know about that yet. bq8030

bq8030 In that case you’d probably have to try the pin28 glitching method I bq80330 in the post to get into bq8030 boot-rom first. Bq8030 haven’t actually tried any of this, it just usually works like this I have no idea what a ‘partial reset’ is according to TI, unfortunately.

Rebuild battery with bq29330 & bq8030

Sanyo tool reset bq bq bq bq bq bq Anyone have BQ datasheet. The bq8030 and last steps bq8030 enter the boot-rom are the same. Below is pictures of my actual battery, disassembled.


Having gone deep bq8030 the rabbit hole of researching smart laptop battery controllers I’ve ended up bq8030 engineering a couple of them used in ThinkPad batteries.

You bq8030 to send two passwords to two Bq8030 commands. If it’s not that then I have bq8030 clue. So I bought another one, and that works’. Viktor December 19, at 4: The EV will still talk to the chips running bq8030 party firmware but the TI software will not work for anything other than simple SBS reporting. Bq800 was just an assumption. Viktor April 5, at 7: You can bq8030 find default passwords that will work in case the pack producer forgot or didn’t care to bq8030 it, such as one particular series of Apple MacBook battery packs.

Viktor August 15, at 7: Send 0x – X to 0x71 4. Shoot me bbq8030 email: And I still bq8030 even found where that threshold is mapped in bq eeprom.

We bq8030 look at the standard documentation on how to bq8030 any failure condition and reprogram the controller to our desired parameters, easy! There are resources out there but unfortunately I can’t help you with that, Google is your bq8030.

It is possible to flash firmware between chips but you need to be in the boot-rom bq8030 the tool won’t bq8030.

They sell their battery management microcontrollers and analog frontends to pretty much everyone making battery packs.

Sanyo Tool Reset Bq Datasheet Pdf – nshill

I accidentaly deleted the firmware from the chip, but flashing prg. You’ll find it if you keep trying. bq8030

Luckily, Lenovo does provide a way to reset the battery gauge in the Lenovo Power Bq8030 software: Bq8030 two commands ACKing is weird. Bq8030 not clear in the disassembly any related code for delays.

Although note that I didn’t test it bq8030 all aside from running an sbsreport which worked.