4 Nov Ch 32 (a Vol). 1. TRANSFORMER! ➣➣➣➣➣ Working Principle of Transformer ➣➣➣➣➣ Transformer Construction. 26 Nov Induction Motor (a Vol. – 2). 1. Electrical Technology Induction Motors Three phase and single phase; 2. Induction Motor: General. B.L. Theraja is the author of A Text Book of Electrical Technology ( avg rating , ratings, 89 reviews, published ), Basic Electronics ( a.

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If the resistance of the distributor per metre go and return is 0. All the bl thareja tapped off between points F 1 and A will be supplied from F 1 while those tapped off between F 2 and A will be supplied from F 2. We can thus imagine as if the distribu- tor were cut into two at the middle point, giving us two uniformly-loaded distributors each fed at one end with equal voltages.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Service and I authorize the treatment of my personal data. Transmission and Distribution of D. Consider the case already discussed in Bl thareja. In fact, let us, for the time being, imagine that it is just not there.

Both A and B are maintained at V. It is fed at point A. In general, the drop at any intermediate point is equal to the sum bl thareja moments of various tapped currents upto that point plus the moment of all the load currents beyond that point assumed to be acting at that point.

bl thareja

Alternative Solution The alternative method is bl thareja take the total current fed at one end, say, F 1 as x and then bl thareja find the. The standard voltage between the conductors is V.

From the bus-bars, the power is carried by many feeders which radiate to various parts of a city or locality. Poles which are made of wood, reinforced concrete or steel are used up to 66 kV whereas steel towers are used bl thareja higher voltages. If even this does not goes as it should, we bl thareja to start praying! It follows from this that the total voltage drop bl thareja the same as that produced by a single load equal to the sum of the various concentrated loads, acting at the centre of gravity of the load system.

Its resistance is rdx. Take the cross-section of the conduc- tors as 0. This is only a preview. If you don’t receive any email, please check your Junk Bl thareja box. This case can be dealt with either by taking moments in amp-m about the two ends and then making a guess about the point of minimum potential or by assuming a current x fed at one end and then finding the actual current distribution.

For calculating the total voltage drop along the entire length of a distribu- tor, following information is necessary. Consider a distributor PQ of length l units of length, having resistance per unit length of r bl thareja and with loading per unit length of i amperes. The bare copper or aluminium wire is fixed to an insulator which is itself fixed onto a cross-arm on the pole. The way it is done is as follows: Now, we will discuss some of the important cases separately. If the distributor were actually cut off into two at A —the point of minimum voltage, with x amperes tapped off from the left and y amperes tapped off from the right, then potential distribution would remain unchanged, showing that we can bl thareja the distributor as consisting of two separate distributors each fed from one end only, as shown in Fig.

First, consider drop due to concentrated load only. The addition of the middle bl thareja is made possible by the connection diagram shown in Fig. A 3-wire has not only a higher efficiency of transmission Yhareja. Calculate the saving in copper if this voltage is doubled with bl thareja transmitted remaining the same.

The maximum current passing through the conductor should be limited bl thareja such a value as. Line supports consist of i pole structures and ii tower. The station bus-bars are fed by a number of generators only two shown in the figure running in parallel.

electrical book bl thareja, Guides for Electronics. Bharath University

A uniform 2-wire d. It is loaded as shown in Fig. Such generators are economical both in the matter of cost per kWh of electric energy bl thareja as well as in bl thareja. A DC power distribution system consists of a network of cables or conductors which conveys power from central station to the. Transmission and Distribution Solution.

basic electronics book b l thareja

Distributor Bl thareja at Both Ends with Equal Voltages It should be bl thareja that in such cases i the maximum voltage drop must always occur at one of the load points and ii if both feeding ends are at the gl potential, then the voltage drop between each end and this point must be the same, which in other words, bl thareja that the sum of the moments about ends must be equal.

Consider a small section of length dx near point C. The above figure shows a motor-generator set.

G is the main generator which supplies bl thareja to the whole system. Distributor resistance per metre length go and return is 0.