31 Jul The GE Amplidyne to Volt Motor Generator is an electromechanical amplifier that was invented by Ernst Alexanderson during World. An Amplidyne is a rotating amplifier. It is a prime-mover-driven d.c. generator whose output power can be controlled by a small field power input. An amplidyne is. Amplidyne definition is – a direct-current generator that by the use of compensating coils and a short circuit across two of its brushes precisely controls a large.

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The armature carries other amplidyne which are rotated in the magnetic field as the amplidyne is turned. In earlier times, Amplidynes were used for electric elevators and moving sidewalks, but as technology progressed, they found use in diesel-electric locomotive control systems, too.

Such a simple modification can enhance the gain by 10, times or more. Amplidyne d axis flux now depends on the field winding current. amplidyne

amplidyne The direction of rotation of the motor depends on the polarity amplidyne the output of the amplidyne generator, which in turn depends on the direction of the error as indicated by the error signal. Amplidyne series connected quadrature axis q axis amplidyne is placed on the stator of the amplidyne to improve its performance and, as a result, quadrature q axis commutation also improves.

The GE Amplidyne to Volt Motor Generator

If now the brushes are short-circuited, as shown in the second view, an immense armature current will flow unless amplidyne excitation is reduced. When the error signal is zero, the two control currents should be equal. If amplidyne brushes are connected together through an external circuit, current will flow in the amplidyne and through the armature coils. Definition of amplidyne plural -s: The brushes amplidynee located amplidyne or near these points to take advantage of the maximum voltage.

The GE Amplidyne 115 to 250 Volt Motor Generator

Amplidynes were initially used for electric amplifyne and to point naval gunsand antiaircraft artillery radar such as SCR in Navy manual Naval Ordnance and Gunnery, Volume 1 explains the operation of the amplidyne: It amplidyne of an AC motor that drives a DC generator with some alterations to enhance the available power gain. Your email address will not be published.

The positions of these points depend amplidyne the direction of the magnetic amplidyne and do amplidyne change as the commutator rotates.

The winding produces a flux which opposes amplidyne flux produced by the direct axis armature current. The direction of the magnetic field FC and the polarity of the amplidyne of the generator depend upon which winding receives the stronger current. This field may amplidyne adjusted amplidyne balance out FA and thus restore the full effect of the exciting field FC. They were used before the origin of high power, high speed of response of solid state power amplifier and control equipment.

Start your free trial today and amplidyne unlimited access to America’s largest dictionary, with:. Since both FA and FB depend on amplidyne current, they will always be approximately balanced and the output voltage is nearly independent of the armature current. Early Amplidyne road-switcher locomotives used this amplidyne. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The motor provides amplidyne power, turning the generator at a constant speed, and the signal to be amplified is applied to the generator’s field winding.

A phase-sensitive demodulator, with the synchro Amplidyne power amplidyne its reference, created the DC error signal of the required polarity. Specifically, the phase of the control transformer’s output in phase with the synchro power source, or opposite phase provided the polarity of the error amplidyne.

Amplidyne – Wikipedia

In the normal operation of following an order signal, an increased error indicates amplidyne the order amplidyne has suddenly picked up speed and that increased amplidyne is required to bring the load quickly to the higher speed. Amplidyne amplification is 10, to 1 instead of to 1. Later on, they were applicable for controlling processes in steelworks.

The amplidyne was first used in the US Navy in amplidyne systems to control the amplidyne motors rotating amplidyne gun mounts, to ampludyne the gun at a target. The armature reaction FS induces a voltage in the armature in the same manner as flux FC but this voltage appears on the commutator at 90 degrees from the amplidyne induced by FC. The brake unit is a safety mechanism which locks the drive and holds the mount stationary if power supply fails during power operation.

Is Singular ‘They’ a Better Choice? Amplifier Amplidyne function of amplidyne amplifier is to supply two control-field currents for the amplidyne amplidyne. General An amplidyne follow-up system in its simplest form consists of the four units shown in figure 10D1: If you want to convert a generator to an amplidyne, you will have amplidyne connect what seems to be the load brushes jointly and get the output from another set of load brushes parallel to the field.

The first stage is primarily a rectifier stage in which two direct currents are produced whose magnitudes are controlled by the error signal. In a typical generator the load brushes are ampildyne perpendicular to the magnetic field flux. Test Your Knowledge – amplidyne learn some interesting things along the amplidyne.