Re-release of the same title, if you have the previous version please keep your money. Tam’s genius IQ has let him have his way in most. Amber Kell Books | Amazon | B&N Tam’s genius IQ has let him have his way in most everything in life. His luck comes to a halt when his father’s job moves them . Read Trials of Tam by Amber Kell by Amber Kell by Amber Kell for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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Return to Book Page. Tam had no wish to damage the current power structure of Valko’s pack; he only wanted to make sure his family had a place to belong. Fortunately, his computer skills were well regarded, which gave him several options.

Metthow cleared his throat. Maber his fingers into Tam’s ribs, he evilly tickled the crap out of Tam.

Trials of Tam – PDF Free Download

Moaning, Tam slid his fingers into Valko’s hair and hauled him closer. So you don’t want kids? She said I wasn’t giving you enough time to adjust to being my mate. Tam was panting by the time they separated and he could feel a flush cover his cheeks.

Trials of Tam

The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. I’ll tell her to make room for one more.

Originally created by a wizard who a,ber in love with one of Tam’s ancestors and was determined to keep him safe at all costs, the super wolf magic passed down from generation to generation. I mean he kissed me but I’m not… you know.

Another Amber Kell’s formulaic shifter stories. All of his calculations said it should work. Jaynell Marley arrives at Mayell Wizard Academy to complete his training. Tam would keep him on his toes. They watched as Tam went back into the bedroom without a backward glance. John Lesley’s company was the first of three places Tam would visit with over the next few days, though the guy had an odd quirk of only speaking with candidates at night.

At least Tam’s mother was on Valko’s side. Dr Metthow might be a big shot at the college, but in the real world he was a stepping-stone in Tam’s way that needed to be crushed. Tam was the last of the line. View all 3 comments. Initially his goal had been to move away from his family so he could explore his sexuality, but his family didn’t appear to care about him liking men.

In all his dreams about claiming a mate, none of them included conducting his courtship in front of such an involved family, especially one with so many boundary issues. He had always thought the moon goddess made up for it by giving him all the brains and his super wolf, an extra bit of genetics giving him the edge over shifters who on the surface were stronger than him. Lewis smirked and caught it easily. Gah, Kell has me speaking in tropes. For most of the book I was convinced that he did not feel the same mating pull that Valko did.

The more Tam thought over his problems with the school, the more he decided the issue wasn’t his shifter 74 The Trials of Tam Amber Kell genes, but that he’d be graduating soon. To learn more about her current books or works in progress, check out her blog at http: Biting a new pack mate as a welcome was only done for possible mates.

Once they settled in, werekin rarely moved. We’ve got the remaining boxes out in the truck. He acts like a horny, impulsive he-man. Lewis gave him a considering look.

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An Alpha never trizls weakness. I get the feeling that Tam is so busy that he never gets time to really explore his feelings about the relationship. Tam nodded, still shaking too hard to pick up his food.

Out of control is not a situation he deals with easily. The characters are what make this book. Tam hated taking time away from his studies. Such a light-hearted sound from his normally controlled mate made Valko smile in response. He knew they were wondering what the hell he was up to.

The scent of hot male need overwhelmed his senses.

Don’t say anything to her, but could you check that she’s okay. Just so you know, I’ve registered a complaint with the shifter council. Warm laughter rolled across the airwaves. Tam didn’t respect bullies; the sweet looking man annihilated them before doing a happy dance on their ashes.